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How to protect Hotmail account from hackers?
over 2 years ago


Hotmail is one of the best and most protected email service providers. Since 1996, Microsoft has been working on it regularly to boost the security process and new features on Hotmail are always implemented on Hotmail. Hotmail is a platform for users which is user oriented but in case of issues, you may obtain hotmail customer care number.


Hotmail cares for users and their security. Although it's already protected, it doesn't mean that your Hotmail account is free from hacking, unless you take other steps to secure it from your hand.



One factor why phishing websites have recently been more effective in attracting victims is that there are so many legitimate websites nowadays that a phishing website would ask for the same things.


Here are some of the necessary steps to secure it.


  • You have to choose a long password, well it's understood that it's hard to remember a long password and you can often forget it if you're not a regular user. You can write and keep it in your wallet on a paper. Select the best password over 6 characters long and combine alphanumeric characters with special characters.
  • Really avoid answering the security question. You can answer a question accurately and somewhere in your Facebook or any other profile can be linked to it. The best way is to select a reply that is not directly related to the question.
  • For their webmail and online banking accounts, people mostly use the same password. So while your website has higher security protection than your webmail account, it will be just as easy to enter once both of your webmail account has been compromised. In case of issues but in case of problem hotmail technical support number uk.
  • You need to check and monitor your email account and instantly change your password if you find any dubious activity.
  • For guaranteed security reasons, you need to change your password in every 72 days. This will keep your information about your license more secure. Hotmail reminds you to change or rest your password every 72 days, unless you enable it.


Remember this last point that you should avoid opening your email Id with a public computer or cyber cafe. Usually hackers hack any account with the help of public computers. If you still face issues with this, you can obtain easy help with hotmail helpline number uk.


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